Coworking Spaces in Manila

List of Coworking Spaces in Metro Manila

Freelance jobs are common these days. Especially with us Millennials. Most of us can be found at coffee shops (On our table is a cup of coffee that lasts for hours). However, there are times that we need a quite room for Skype calls or Google hangouts and faster, reliable internet. “How about you work at home?” you say? That works too, but what if you are just starting out with freelancing? One might not have an extra money yet to cover internet bills. Plus, there’s a feeling of isolation when working at home. (more…)

Tropical Vacation Destination

Love Tropical Vacations? Here is Where You Need to Go

The following post is a guest post by Roxana, an adventure-loving traveler from Sydney.

Summer is knocking on our doors, and the only question we should ask is: where to go to actually feel all the benefits of this amazing season? Well, there is no summer-loving destination as some tropical paradise. Luckily, this world does not lack in such treasures, on the contrary, the wide array of amazing tropical destinations is making choosing much more difficult than it seems. Do not worry, we are here to help. We have made a list of five amazing and unique destinations you can choose from. (more…)

Coron, Palawan

Coron, Palawan Itinerary and Guide

Coron, Palawan is one island you will surely fall in love with. It took time before we were able to visit this island since as a budget traveller, a cheap plane ticket matters. It is difficult to get cheap flights to Busuanga from Manila maybe because the airport is very small which means only small planes can land and take off thus there are only limited seats available for this route. Also, there are no night flights to Busuanga. We have been constantly travelling every year to visit the different islands of the Philippines and when we were already tired of the usual tourist destination I have thought of why not visit Coron now, maybe it’s about time to experience what Coron has to offer us. So I decided to visit Coron. I was eager to look for the cheapest flights to Coron for this summer, and after almost 6 months of waiting for a cheap flight I was finally able to book our round trip tickets to Coron 6 months before summer of 2015. (more…)