About Juan Day

About Lyke Daryl Basilio

Hello there! My name is Lyke Daryl Basilio and welcome to my blog!

I am an on page (SEO) web developer, active person who loves both indoor & outdoor activities and traveling.

Juan Day is a blog about travel, wellness, spiritual, work, caring about the environment, and anything about happiness.

Why Juan Day?

“Juan” in Juan Day is a fusion of the word “One” and the national personification of the Philippines, “Juan Dela Cruz.”

I’ve initially planned to name the site one-day.com or onedayatatime.com since I’ve been planning to blog everyday. Then again, as Filipinos are popularly called Juan Dela Cruz, I tried to mix things up a bit with a somewhat patriotic twist. Thus, Juan-day was born.

People Helping People!

I believe that anyone can inspire someone, somehow, in so very many ways. The internet is one powerful medium for doing such. According to International Telecommunication Union, in 2013, there are 39% internet users all over the world–a population of 7.1 billion. By blogging, I can share and teach something to folks all around that will hopefully serve as an inspiration.

Learning Everyday

Life is definitely full of surprises. Everyday, we get to experience and learn so many wonderful things. We get to know more about this humongous world we live and breathe in. Life is never boring. The fact that we are alive is nothing short of amazing.

Having Fun

Indeed, we live in a cruel world. Despite that, I want to show and prove that we don’t have to live in fear. Let us enjoy every single minute of our remaining lives. Cliche as it may sound, but life is really short and we have to just get out there and savor the gift of life. Let us appreciate the little things it has to offer.

I hope you could join me here so we can inspire others and one another. If you want to share something, just visit our Contact Us page here.

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