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Can We Teach an Old Dog a New Trick? An SEO Point of View

Internet, once a simple medium, has created different channels for us to communicate. New careers are being opened and our elders are confused about them. For example, a “Youtuber” or a “Youtube celeb” is actually a full-time career. Every once in a while, new technology is being introduced. Hardware and softwares are constantly updating. Every day we advance. We really live in a fast lane. (more…)

Be Cautious on Photo Sphere

Be Cautious on Using Photo Sphere

Photo Sphere App has been released for IOS in August 2014.

Photo Sphere is a 360-degree panorama feature Google added in Android 4.2 (and originally with the Nexus 4) that lets you take immersive pictures with your phone, then share them online. You can pan and zoom, much like you can with the Street View feature we’ve all come to know on Google Maps. Only, these are our images. (more…)

Why We Should Have Our Indoor Vegetable Garden

When I was a kid, I was not into vegetables (typical kid). I was disgusted by the slime of “ladyfingers”, the bitterness of “Momordica charantia”, and the smell of garlic and other vegetables. As I got older, I started to like vegetables. My parents, I believe all parents, told us that vegetables are good for us. Indeed, they are correct (sorry mom and dad for not listening). Vegetables have many health benefits. (more…)

Happiness of Pursuit: Lessons Learned From Hiking, Trekking, and Backpacking

There’s a point in life where we are uncertain of things, we question the purpose of life and concerned with the existence. We try to search what we really love, our passion, and happiness. Many of us think that the destination is out of reach. That the contentment we seek is too far that we just give up. However, we are oblivious that the happiness is in pursuit. As they say, it is the journey that counts not the destination. (more…)