How To Get Confiscated Driver’s License in LTO Central Office (LETAS)?

You are here because your driver’s license has been confiscated and wondering how to retrieve it? Well, the procedure is really simple and fast.

However, due to a high number of violators, you need to be at the venue as early as possible to avoid the long queue.

How to retrieve confiscated driver’s license?

  1. Submit pink Temporary Operator’s Permit (TOP) at the front desk and get a queueing number. If TOP is lost, secure an Affidavit of Loss TOP.
  2. Evaluator receives and checks violation. Wait for your name to be called and get the TOP.
  3. Proceed to the cashier to pay the corresponding fine and penalty.
  4. Wait for your name to be called and get the TOP and official receipt.
  5. Proceed to LTO Central Office (LETAS). Surrender TOP and official receipt and redeem the confiscated driver’s license.

Wear long pants. They will not entertain people wearing shorts.
Avoid “fixers” (red tape).
Here’s the Revised Fines and Penalties (Joint Administrative Order 2014-01).


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