Mount Makiling Solo ‘ish Day Hike Via UPLB

On June 28, 2014 I joined some friends who were going to Mount Makiling. It is a KKB (Going Dutch) event. I traveled alone, in public transportation and in the trail most of the time, so it is kind of a solo hike. Here’s my solo ‘ish day hike itinerary:

Metro To Jump-Off (Public Transportation)
Guadalupe to LRT Buendia: Php. 14.00
LRT Buendia Bus Station (Santa Cruz) to College: Php. 99.00
College to College of Forestry: Php. 8.50

Jump-Off To Metro (Public Transportation)
College of Forestry To Main Road: Php. 8.50
College to LRT Buendia Bus Station: Php. 96.00
LRT Buendia Bus Station To Guadalupe: Php. 14.00

Breakfast & Lunch: Php. 300~

Total: Php: 540~
*Note: Transportation fares are subject to change. As of June 2014, these are the prices.

Hours To Summit (Peak 2)
3 hours or more.

Three months have past since my last hike. There have been a lot of invites, but there’s just not enough time and budget. Sigh. I really wanted a hike that does not require a lot of time (for now) and money and then a High School friend connected with me. She organized a day hike event which is “Going Dutch” and informed me about it. I told her that I would join. Here’s the rest of my experience.

There are 30 stations going to the summit (Peak 2). The trail from station 1 to 10 is accessible by vehicles and mountain bikers. From 10 to 15, the trail begins to narrow. After station 15, well, enjoy the uphill.

The trail is a solo hiker friendly. There are signs along the trail so you won’t get lost.

Leeches Everywhere Meme
I was aware about the leeches in Mt. Makiling, but I never thought leeches can be found everywhere from station 10 up to the summit. Every step you can see leeches, but not that many in the summit. Trust me, you don’t want to stand still or rest too long in the trail otherwise you’ll end up with leeches attached to your shoes, or worse, they are already inside your clothes.

Stores Along The Trail
There are up to 6 stores between station 1 to 10. They offer buko juice which is a nice refreshment. These stores are set-up strategically for hikers and especially for mountain bikers.

We passed three campsites, Tayabak Campsite, Agila Base, and the other one is before station 11.

Mount Makiling is a great place not only for day hikers, but also for trail runners and mountain bikers. It is a place for people like us who sometimes doesn’t have that luxury of time, but can still appreciate nature.

And oh! Guide(s) you say? This couple is willing to guide you up to the summit (peak 2).

Mount Makiling Guide Dogs

Yes, the dogs are the guides! 🙂

Tell me about your solo day hike

Thanks to Divine for the invite.
Photo Credits: Benjamin Gonzales

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