Mount Pulag Via Akiki-Ambangeg Experience

Mount Pulag is one of the most visited Natural Parks in the Philippines. Famous for its high altitude (Highest mountain in Luzon), sea of clouds, hard trails, and Baguio, City (Summer capital of the Philippines) side trip.

This is by far the most unforgettable climb for me. It is a challenging climb but fun at the same time. Akiki trail is all uphill, you will think you are trekking for long hours but you’ll realize that you have only walked for an hour. Akiki trail will indeed test your stamina and endurance. It will push you to your limit.

Oh, did I mention you about the weather? It is very cold up there especially during December to January. The temperature can drop up to 7 degrees celsius. Make sure you bring extra clothes, thick or thermal jackets, gloves and extra socks. Sometimes it also rains so keep yourself dry.

Once you’ve finished this climb, you’ll have a “sense of achievement” and or happiness. I’m telling you, you’ll be proud of yourself and never stop talking about it.

Mount Pulag - Achievement unlocked

We are, however, unfortunate to see the famous sea of clouds, but I’ll be back.

Thank you Extreme Outdoor Club for the Friendship and Year End Climb.

What was your unforgettable climb? Leave a comment below.


DAY 0 December 19(Thursday)
20:00 ETD Manila-Baguio

DAY 1 Decemebr 20 (Friday)
03:00 ETD Baguio City to Kabayan, Benguet
06:00 ETA Ambuklao Dam stop-over… Briefing… Picture Taking
07:00 Resume travel… Brunch along the way
09:00 ETA Kabayan, Benguet… Registration… Briefing… Final Preparation
10:00 Start trek to Eddet River
12:00 ETA Campsite Eddet River (Lunch)
13:00 Resume Trek Pine forest
16:00 ETA Marlboro Country (set up camp)water source available at camp
18:00 Prepare Dinner
19:00 Dinner / Socials
22:00 Lights out

DAY 2 December 21 (Saturday)
05:00 Wakeup call… Breakfast… Prepare packed lunch/rice
08:00 Break camp
09:00 Start trek to Saddle camp
10:30 ETA Mossy forest (last water source)Refill for camp water
11:00 Resume trek
12:30 ETA Campsite… Set camp… Picture taking… Take a Lunch Optional: 15mins Assault to summit for sunset…
( Chill at saddle camp / explore
18:00 Prepare dinner
19:00 Dinner… Socials Part 2
23:00 Lights out!

DAY 3 December 22 (Sunday)
04:00 Wakeup call…
04:30 Summit Assault
05:00 MT. PULAG SUMMIT… Sunrise viewing… Picture taking
07:00 Prepare breakfast
08:30 Break Camp
09:00 Start descend to Babadac Ranger Station
13:00 ETA Ranger Station… Late Lunch…Tidy up
14:00 ETD from Ranger Station
15:00 ETA DENR… Picture Taking… Buy pasalubong/souvenir
15:30 ETD to Baguio
18:30 ETA Baguio City / Gimik / Post climb
23:00 ETD to Manila

Day 4 December 23 (Monday)
06:00 ETA Manila

Side trip:
– Baguio, City

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