Be Cautious on Using Photo Sphere

Photo Sphere App has been released for IOS in August 2014.

Photo Sphere is a 360-degree panorama feature Google added in Android 4.2 (and originally with the Nexus 4) that lets you take immersive pictures with your phone, then share them online. You can pan and zoom, much like you can with the Street View feature we’ve all come to know on Google Maps. Only, these are our images.

Photo Sphere started on the Nexus, but it didn’t stay there for long. LG for a time had its own version, called VR Panorama. Samsung’s got one as an optional download, and HTC has included a “Pan 360” mode in its latest camera software. And Google has released its own camera app that includes Photo Sphere functionality. In August 2014, Google released a Photo Sphere app for iOS.

I think this app is cool and simple to use. It is a new concept of photo sharing. No wonder it is trending.

Be Careful on Using Photo Sphere App

When I tried “search” to see some famous landmarks, the app has a button that says “Current Location”. Curious, I clicked it. I saw multiple pins that are near to my location. I selected some and I was like, “Oh I know this place. This miss must work here.” I looked at some other locations and I stumbled some people uploaded their 360 or sphere view of the interior of their house. This got me thinking, thief or criminals are online too.

Despite the good intentions of this app, I still believe it can still be used for criminal acts if we are not careful about posting things. I mean, thank you for sharing your beautiful house and what a nice TV you have. Is that your underwear on top of your refrigerator?

Check what you upload, guys. 🙂

What are your thoughts? Do you agree?

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