Can We Teach an Old Dog a New Trick? An SEO Point of View

Internet, once a simple medium, has created different channels for us to communicate. New careers are being opened and our elders are confused about them. For example, a “Youtuber” or a “Youtube celeb” is actually a full-time career. Every once in a while, new technology is being introduced. Hardware and softwares are constantly updating. Every day we advance. We really live in a fast lane.

I have a career in SEO. Maybe you have heard about this? This is one of the many new careers that have been opened in today’s tech world. My parents are confused about this, but the library and librarian story made them know more about SEO.

SEO too is changing. Search Engines like Google and Bing are continuously updating their algorithm to produce more relevant pages. With this, SEO techniques are also being updated. Some strategies implemented before are now considered a spam or against search engines guidelines.

I embrace updates, however, what if your boss does not want to? That he/she thinks that what used to work is still working. That a content is not necessary for a website.

So, can we teach an old dog a new trick?

Stay Calm

Getting heated argument with your boss will get you nowhere. Maybe somewhere, not in the same company, but somewhere. Always be professional even though you know you are right. Stay calm and explain why this is no longer working and why that is the new and effective way. Maybe set another meeting so you can bring more helpful resources.


You have to understand that everything that they’re doing before have worked, but needs to be updated. They will be stubborn, but know that they are the upper echelon and they deal with a lot of things inside and out of the company. They can’t focus on one thing only.


I believe that being corrected is hard to accept. We think that a correction or criticism is always negative when it really helps us to improve. So if you pitched something to your boss, don’t expect them to believe or decide instantly. Wait. Be patient.


Always be on the lookout for updates. Test and then pitch. Better yet, innovate and always be professional in explaining. Don’t take rejections personally. I believe that any boss will accept everything for the betterment of the company so just be cool and wait.

I also believe that this is a good practice especially when you are in direct contact with clients.

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