I Don’t Get The Point Of Mountaineering?

Why would one embark on hiking, trekking, mountain climbing? I don’t get the point of these activities. Why do you climb? Do you enjoy it? How is carrying a heavy bag in the mountains enjoyable?

These are the common questions asked. Sometimes you get tired of it. Here are my answers:


I believe in fitness. I love to hike during my active rest days. As much as possible, I don’t want to be a couch potato. An activity like hiking serves as a cardio or stamina and even a leg workout.


For a shy person like me, this is like “getting out of your comfort zone”. I meet new faces, share hobbies and jokes. It benefits my social skills.

Believe it or not, outdoor activities like this have a big community. There’s a big chance you’ll meet great new friends.


Nature is one mysterious, beautiful, and intelligent thing I have ever seen. Hiking and Mountaineering get me closer to its beauty. It always fascinates me.


Adrenaline junkie? Maybe. I find climbs to be exciting.

City Escape

Loud neighbors, noisy streets, polluted air, politics and crime on T.V. News are killing me. Being out there neutralizes it.

To Be Left Alone

We all have problems. Sometimes I hike solo–though I do not encourage it–to be alone and find inner peace by meditating at the summit.

How about you? Why do you hike/trek? Leave a comment below.

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