Happiness of Pursuit: Lessons Learned From Hiking, Trekking, and Backpacking

There’s a point in life where we are uncertain of things, we question the purpose of life and concerned with the existence. We try to search what we really love, our passion, and happiness. Many of us think that the destination is out of reach. That the contentment we seek is too far that we just give up. However, we are oblivious that the happiness is in pursuit. As they say, it is the journey that counts not the destination.

The search never stops as long as we live.

I do outdoor activities. This is a part of my journey. I am enjoying this and learned many things.


Travelling made me grateful for everything. Every time I see a landscape, I am thankful I experienced such beauty. It’s sounds cheesy, but we take things for granted that it’s too late to realize what we have until they’re gone.

Life is mysterious, precious, and beautiful. Let us be happy and thankful.

It Is Okay To Ask For Help

Our fear of rejection, shyness, and ego comes in the way. For me, I think asking for help does not show weakness. I think it is in our nature to work together, help each other to accomplish a goal.

Happiness is sharing. You can’t be happy alone. Go ahead, don’t be afraid to ask something.

You Versus Yourself

The greatest enemy is in the mirror. It is you.

In some climb, it felt like I cannot go any further. My feet are exhausted, my bag is too heavy, weather is too hot and I just can’t go further. However, what our body is saying is not always true. This is the time you’ll go against yourself.

Breakout from your shell.

Appreciate The Little Things

Mountaineering got me closer to nature. I am in ecstasy. From the chirping of the birds, the sound of the running water, the smell of the earth, and the sound of the trees and grasses as the wind blows, oh what joy it is.

Out of The Comfort Zone

My shyness is paralyzing and going out is what I didn’t like before. I just don’t like meeting people, but outdoor activity is changing it.

People & Culture

It’s fun meeting people. There’s so many stories they can share to you and you can share to them. Backpacking is a diverse community. It is good listening to people with common views, but it is the best to listen to those who thinks differently than you.

You also get to meet the locals and get to learn their culture.

Water Is Your Friend

Majority of mountains doesn’t have water reserve. Bring EXTRA water along with you. Hiking with insufficient water may lead to trouble.

Never Go Solo

This is a debate in the hiking community. For security reasons, I recommend a party consists at least 2 people. If you really prefer solo climb, at least let someone know of your activity.

It Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive

Mountaineering doesn’t have to be expensive.

I was surprised that mountaineering has a big community in the Philippines. There are a lot of groups organizing climbs that their only purpose is to have fun and not to have money. These groups accept anyone and doesn’t require membership fee.

Deal w/ Public Transport Annoyances

With frequent travels, I slowly get to tolerate travel annoyances. I became comfortable being uncomfortable.

Not For Everyone

Yes it is fun meeting people even though we have different points of view, but there are those who I really dislike. I am referring to those who don’t know how to dispose their garbage properly. You and I can have a debate and I will be thankful if I am proven wrong, but I don’t like you if you can’t carry and dispose your garbage properly.

Pacing Doesn’t Always Estimate Your Arrival

We often hear someone ask or say that the arrival depends on the pacing. True, but we also have to consider the trail. There are flat trails, some require climbing and etc. That’s why we often see itineraries with trail class.


Aside from pacing and trail class, a footwear is a game changer in hiking. Poor footwear only slows you down and might cause you injury. Remember that you are not walking in the beach. You will walk in a mud, slippery rocks, sharp objects, river and etc. Invest in a good footwear.

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