Why Bodybuilding And Mountaineering Are Alike

Bodybuilding and Mountaineering are two different activities, but engaging in both makes you realize that they have some things in common.

Here are some points covered:

1. You Against Yourself
There is this thing that holds us back. There is this thing that instigates fears and doubts. Something that does not wish us to lift and not to reach the summit. There is this enemy that holds us back. The enemy within.

Until we confront ourselves, that’s the time we succeed.

2. Pushing Yourself To The Limit
In order to achieve your desired physique or to reach the sky, you need to push yourself to the limit. You must not quit, instead, keep going. Believe in what you can do. When your muscles are tired, rest while you are lifting. When you feel like you are walking an eternity and you want to rest, then rest while you are walking.

3. Promotes Healthy Lifestyle
Well, of course they promote a healthy lifestyle. Bodybuilding and Mountaineering are forms of exercise and will make you happy (dopamine and endorphin stuffs). Once you feel good about yourself, you then see things differently (goal setting and what not; nutrition and all that). The next thing you know, you are now on a healthy lifestyle.

4. Not An Overnight Thing: Requires Time and Dedication
Reaching the physique you desire or reaching a mountain summit requires a great deal of endurance or effort. Achieving them is not an overnight endeavor. It takes time, dedication, patience, and perseverance. You need constant training and dedication, to the extent of sacrificing time for others.

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