Why We Should Have Our Indoor Vegetable Garden

When I was a kid, I was not into vegetables (typical kid). I was disgusted by the slime of “ladyfingers”, the bitterness of “Momordica charantia”, and the smell of garlic and other vegetables. As I got older, I started to like vegetables. My parents, I believe all parents, told us that vegetables are good for us. Indeed, they are correct (sorry mom and dad for not listening). Vegetables have many health benefits.

Year after year, our economy and environment are changing. Our lifespan is getting shorter. Maybe you already participated in a “cause” oriented organizations to balance things out, but I would like you to also try indoor vegetable garden.

Here’s why:

Save Money On Ridiculous Vegetable Prices

I am an average man trying to save money for me and my family’s future. However, most of our money goes to groceries. We need food to survive, but groceries can be very expensive. By having an indoor garden, we can actually save money. Spend a little on seeds rather than spending more on commercial vegetables. Want to save even more? Learn how to recycle or save seeds from the plants.

Help In The Environment

It’s scary how the environment is changing. Studies show that a 1 degree Celsius (33.8 Fahrenheit for our American friends) increase in the temperature can be very catastrophic. Planting vegetables can help a little in preventing the greenhouse effect. It is very little, but what if everyone has indoor gardens?

Healthier Lifestyle

Vegetables of course have health benefits. You can get many nutrients from them that are not found in meat. Also, planting is fun. You may not realize it, but this is somewhat a form of exercise. You’ll be squatting, bending, lifting, and stretching and as a result, you’ll have a good blood flow and toned muscle.

Nutritious food and exercise? Think about it!

Tastier Food

There has been a lot of testimonials and experiments that proves home grown vegetables are tastier than that of commercial/conventional vegetables. It’s like comparing a native chicken to a commercial chicken.

Kill Boredom

I get easily bored at home (I think we all do). Having an indoor vegetable garden can help you get occupied.

Because It’s Sexy

Not really related, but I think this is something sexy. If a woman knows how to save money or is practical, cares for the environment, and engage to physical activities, yes, I think its sexy.

When you meet someone and have a small talk, tell them you have an indoor garden. Who knows, that lady/lad might be attracted to it (wink). Not really, or is it?

Its never too late to start having an indoor vegetable garden. Would you consider having one? Leave a comment below.

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