There’s a 50% Chance That Your Female Friend Has Tried Twerking

Twerking has been around since the 1990’s. It was Miley Cyrus who was able to popularize it in 2013. So, thanks, Miley? But enough of its history. What I am interested is, how many of women or girlfriends have tried it? Do you have any guess? Me neither.

One day while browsing facebook, I stumbled a twerk video post. Nothing new, I couldn’t care less. I paused and wondered, how many of my female friends or acquaintances have tried it? I was curious. I needed a survey. Well, my facebook is open and I have a couple of female facebook friends who are online. Why not randomly ask 10 to participate? I thought it would be fun asking and knowing the statistics.

While randomly selecting female friends who are online, I realized that it was awkward and kinda creepy to ask right away. So to not look or sound creepy, I told them that it would be for a blog post. I was going to write it (and write I did) anyway so it’s a good excuse.

After the question has been raised, I got mixed reactions. There were some who gave cold answers, some were shocked while others laughed.

This is The Actual Introduction:

Hey ,

Can you be a part of our little survey? This is a Yes or No question and only one question will be given. If you choose No, it means you’ll pass. And the question will not be given. If you choose Yes, promise that you will answer the question honestly, 100% honest.

After the survey, this chat never happened. hehe.

This will be on our next blog post. Feeling writer lang hehe.

P.S. Profile photo and name(first and last) will be censored in the post if you answered.

*One refused to participate.

And Then The Surprise Question:

Have you tried twerking?

I believe everybody who is in social media knows what twerking is so I asked the question right away.

Here are their answers and reactions:

I promised them that their names and profile pictures will be hidden or blurred so I gave them a female superhero names instead.

Captain Marvel
Captain Marvel Nickname

First one is a Yes. And interestingly, while I thought twerking is old news, Captain Marvel says otherwise.


Bat Girl
Bat Girl Nickname

Okay, the second is a No and says she’s maybe old for it? How old are you, Bat Girl?


Black Widow
Black Widow Nickname

Another yes.


Catwoman Nickname

Catwoman was intrigued at first. Aaaand a No.


Jean Gray
Jean Gray Nickname

It’s a yes.


Wasp Nickname

It’s a no.


Supergirl Nickname

Okay it’s a no.


Elektra Nickname

Sorry for the question. It’s a no.


Miss T. Werkin
Miss T. Werkin

Okay, her name in this post is different. This lady requested that she’d be given a twerk dancer name instead of blurring her name and profile picture. I like her humor.

It’s a yes.


Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman Nickname

Surprise! And sorry for the question.

It’s a yes.


One who answered YES made me imagine how does a string bean twerking look like?
String Beans Twerking

Yep, it was Miss T. Werkin.

Out of curiosity, I’ve asked 10 random female facebook friends if they have tried it. And the result of my research is that 5 in 10 females have tried twerking. There you go, you now know the stats. Use this information wisely. I dare you to ask your female friends if they tried twerking. There’s a 50% chance they did. Just kidding. Insert disclaimer here.

It was fun asking them. They were a good sport.

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