11 Essentials for Summer Vacation

Scorching sun, hot air, and the musty smell of grass. Summer is here! This is the time where we head to the waters to cool off. This is the time where ice cream sales are high. This is the time where happiness is great. This is the time to flaunt that body you’ve been working on for the past months. This is the season we go to the beach.

My friends and I love to travel. We have had amazing experiences but, there are mishaps. Sometimes shit happens. I guess that’s the beauty of travelling, a perfect imperfection. Some mishaps would be forgetting something. It is a learning experience. To avoid such, here is a checklist for your next travel.

Summer Essentials List

Food – This has to be on the top of my beach essentials. For a vacation, you will not waste any second. There will be a day where you are on the beach just swimming, playing, and swimming again. Make sure you have a lot of food as these are physical activities.

Tip: Choose foods that will invigorate you. Also, buy at a local supermarket for a less expensive price.

Water – Okay, this will tie up with the list above. As I have mentioned, you will be on the beach with a lot of physical activities so make sure you keep yourself hydrated.

Tip: Bring your own water bottle. This is a practical way to not spend for a bottle of water and you will help in the environment by not purchasing plastics that are hard to recycle.

Sun Block – Staying all day under the sun can cause sunburns and might cause a cancer. Choose what’s best for you or what your doctor prescribed.

First Aid Kit – Recently on a trip to Coron, all we ate was seafood. Lobsters, Crabs, Squid, Shrimps, and other types of seafood prepared by our tour guide. Yummy! Little did I know, I was allergic to crabs. Luckily, there’s an antihistamine available from a drugstore nearby.

Make sure you have a first aid kit with you.

Dry Bag – On a summer vacation, you will visit some sites accessible only by boats. Things can get wet so invest in a good dry bag or a do-it-yourself dry bag. This will protect your electronic gadgets, foods, and you summer essential clothes.

Light Blanket / Towel – It’s summer and supposed to be hot but, it can get cold after swimming. Keep yourself dry and warm.

ATM/Cash/Credit Cards – Bring with you an extra cash or other terms of payment. There are always unexpected expenses when travelling.

Identification Cards – Bring a government issue ID and a customized ID. A customized ID includes contact details, blood type, and other important information. Unless you are hiding.

Rechargeable Batteries / Power Bank – Today is a digital age. Communication is easy. We can immediately exchange information with these cool gadgets. The problem is we run out of batteries.

Some Summer Beauty Essentials

Summer vacation is also for relaxation but, some wants not only to relax but also to feel and look good. Here are some things to bring:

Sun Glasses / Hat – Not only you will protect your eyes but, you will also look good.

Slippers / Sandals – Some of us aren’t comfortable with being bare foot and there are parts of the beach where we need to use a footwear.

These are the things so far that are in my checklist.

Did I miss something? What is your Summer Essentials?

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