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Bangkok is commonly known for their majestic temples, delicious food and shopping centers. Almost all airline companies have flights flying to Bangkok daily making the place one of the most famous foreign tourist destinations in Asia.

Bangkok’s exchange rate is 1 Bhat = 1.5 Pesos so prices in Bangkok is not that expensive. We can buy food for less than 100 Bhat, dress for ladies less than 200 Bhat and a lot more. Bangkok is also known to be a place to conduct plastic surgery.

People in Thailand are very kind but not all of them know how to speak in English so that would sometimes be a challenge for foreign tourists asking for directions. <!–more–>

During my stay in Thailand, I enjoyed eating Mangostene since it was very cheap. It only costs 30 Bhat a Kilo or 45 pesos. Sticky rice is also one thing that you should not miss in Bangkok. We also had enough time to go to Platinum mall where I was able to buy dresses for less than 200 bhat each (300 pesos and below). Their floating market and temples are also a must to see when travelling to Thailand, it is in these places where you will learn a lot from their culture. From how they live on a daily basis to what are the do’s and do not’s while in their country.


When entering Bangkok’s temples, you must dress properly. Anything above the knee and sleeveless are not allowed, slippers are also not allowed. You need to wear something appropriate as this is their culture. As foreign travelers, we must always learn how to respect how the locals live their lives.

Below is the itinerary that we followed. It also includes estimates on the costs that you will need to prepare when you visit the country.


Bangkok Trip June 5-9


June 5

9:35 pm Depart to Bangkok

11:50 pm Arrival in Bangkok

June 6

7:00 am Wakeup Call

7:00-8:30 Breakfast

8:30-9:00 Prepare for tour

9:00 Depart for Madame Tussands Entrance fee is THB 400= PHP 600

9:30 – 3:00 ? Madame  Tussands 

3:00 – onwards Shopping

Night time –

June 7

7:30 am Wakeup Call

7:30-8:30 Breakfast

8:30-9:00 Prepare for Tour

9:00 Depart for Safari World

9:30-3:00 Safari World Entrance fee is THB 428 = PHP 642

3:00-5:00 Free Time (contingency) Travel time to go back to the hotel.  Kasi baka sa hotel pupunta yung sasakyan na iaarrange ng classmate ko.

5:00 onwards Siam Niramit Cultural Show Entrance fee is THB 1000  = PHP1500

June 8

6:00 am Wakeup Call

6:00-7:30 Breakfast

7:30-8:00 Prepare for tour

8:00 Depart for


2.       Grand Palace

3.       Wat Pho

4.       etc


Estimate Budget in pesos

Travel Tax                             1620

Terminal Fee                          550

Airport Taxi Bkk-city             500

Madame Tussands                600

Safari World                           642

Cultural Show                      1500

Transpo in BKK                    1500

Food                                     1000

Total                                    8212


Booking of tickets: – Cultural Show

Madame Tussaunds Official Web Site

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