15 World-Class Beaches in Cebu, Philippines

I love the beach. It’s the one place where I can think about things yet be peaceful at the same time. I have traveled to different places, and each of them boasts of beautiful beaches worth visiting. The favorites for most are in the Hawaiian Islands. However, the beaches have been taken over by Mega-Resorts and have priced themselves out of the market for most of us.

If you are in the Philippines, you should check out the beaches in Cebu. They are world-class yet don’t have astronomical prices just like the beaches in Hawaii, Maldives, Greece, Thailand, Indonesia, and other famous beach destinations around the world. They have white sand, pristine waters, and perfect places if you want to get away from your busy life.

On that note, I will give you my take on the 15 best places where you can relax, swim, pitch a beach umbrella, and even enjoy the beautiful setting of the sun. Please take note that some of the photos are owned by my sister, friends, and Facebook destination pages.

1. Logon Beach on Malapascua

If you want to watch the Thresher Sharks, dive, and just have an all-around great time, then Logon Beach on the island of Malapascua is a must-visit. From Cebu City, you have to ride on a bus for four hours, going to the north. Once you reach the bus’s final destination, you have to ride a boat for 30 minutes to reach the place.

Logon Beach - Beaches in Cebu
Grabbed from When In Cebu Facebook page on May 26, 2017

2. Tingko Beach in Alcoy

If you want to get the local color and mingle with the locals, you can’t do better than this beautiful spot in Alcoy. During summer, I found there is no better place to be for lounging about and enjoying the waters just waiting for you just a hop skip and a jump from your towel or cabana.

Laine Alusin Tingko Beach in Alcoy
That’s my sister, Laine Alusin, at Tingko Beach in Alcoy.

3. Santa Fe Beaches on Bantayan Island

Secluded out of the way and only a short distance from Santa Fe Town, it’s the perfect place for you and someone special who wants white sand and blue waters to lay out on the sand or frolic in the clear waters off Bantayan.

Santa Fe Beaches in Cebu City
Grabbed from my sister’s Facebook – Santa Fe Beaches

4. Virgin Island on Bantayan Island

If you’ve been to the Islands before and are tired of Bohol and the high prices there, Virgin Beach is I feel a better place by far and much more economical. Again, it is on Bantayan, and here it is quiet and off the beaten path, and you have all the brilliant white sand and colorful water to swim, snorkel, and enjoy some great food as well.

Virgin Island in Cebu City
Grabbed from the Facebook page of The Queen City of the South, Cebu City on May 26, 2017

5. Sayaw Beach in Barili

Mangrove trees, white sands, and exotic flowers and birds, everything you could wish for in a tropical paradise. However, here you can dance, party, and eat fine food as well. So, you have the best of all worlds rolled into one package.

Sayaw Beach in Barili, Cebu City
Grabbed from the Facebook page of Cebu Philippines

6. Basdako Beach in Moalboal

Many come here for the dive opportunities. But, once here you discover they have some of the best beaches around Cebu. Here, not only adults but also the kids will find things that make a beach vacation to remember and repeat year after year. And oh! The sunset is magnificent.

Basdako Moalboal Beach, Cebu City
My handsome Swedish fiancé is carrying my daughter.
The Beautiful Sunset in Basadako Moalboal, Cebu City
The Beautiful Sunset in Basadako Moalboal, Cebu City

7. Hidden Beach in Aloguinsan

The name says it all, and if you want a getaway that lets you decompress and relax by yourself, you have Palm trees for shade and dense jungle that blocks prying eyes. However, you are only a short distance from Cebu City and all the shopping, restaurants, and nightlife should you want to indulge yourself.

Beach in Aloguinsan
Beach in Aloguinsan – Grabbed from my sister’s Facebook.

8. Dalaguete Beach Park

One of the best public beaches in Cebu you will find. You can rent cottages here, and when you want to cool off, the Obong Cold Spring is just a short distance away. Here you have fun in the sand, sea, and under the bluest sky, you’ll ever see.

Dalaguete Beach Park Cebu City
Dalaguete Beach Park Cebu City – Grabbed from Cebu Bluewater’s Facebook page on May 25, 2017

9. Sumilon Island

If you like “Blue” with a capital “B” here is an island getaway that has it all. Resort Spas, decks that overlook the Bluest water there is under an azure sky that will brighten up your day and you lounge or decide for a dip in the waters that put any of the beaches you’ve been to in Hawaii to shame.

Sumilon Island Cebu City
Sumilon Island Cebu City –
Beautiful, isn’t it?

10. Movenpick Hotel Mactan Island Cebu

Mactan Island is one of the best islands off Cebu to make for a one of a kind holiday. The Mövenpick Hotel adds to the excitement as it provides you with everything you need for a world-class getaway vacation. You have 5 Star amenities and everything else that goes with that as well. The beach nearby is, of course, the main draw. But, inside the hotel, you will find dining, a fun atmosphere and all the things that will excite your zest for life and make for a one of a kind experience

11. Santiago White Beach in Camotes Island

One of the great beaches in Cebu you need to partake. It is a bit of a trip. It takes me a couple of hours to get here. But, it’s well worth your time and effort to get a quiet beach that is not like Pattaya in Thailand where people are stepping on you and your towel. Here you can stake out a pristine patch of sand and call it your own.

Santiago White Beach in Camotes Island
That’s me! Photo taken by my fiancé.

12. Shangri-La Resort on Mactan

Ordinarily, I go to only natural beaches but the man-made beach near the Shangri-La Resort on Mactan is the exception to the rule. It also goes without saying you can expect to be treated like royalty at the Spa along with all the resort has to offer as well.

13. Paradise Beach on Bantayan

Paradise is another place on Bantayan that is worth going to. However, you need to book early and don’t try to get there during Easter as the room rates will triple as all of these prime beaches do. Santa Fe Town hosts this and some of their other plush beaches you’ll want to try.

Paradise Beach on Bantayan, Cebu City
The one wearing the sexy bikini is my friend, Mia. I got this photo from her (with permission) on May 26,2017.

14. White Beach in Moalboal

Our #2 pick has exactly what you are looking for on a beach vacation. WHITE SAND! In addition to that, you can rent a cottage and stay for a long vacation, or you can hit the resorts and all the dive activities that are there waiting for you.

White Beach in Moalboal
Grabbed from the Facebook page of Philippine Pride on May 26, 2017.

15. Bounty Beach on Malapascua Island

Here is our pick because of its location, amenities, and the activities that are there to be had. It is one of the most beautiful places in the whole of Philippines as well. Here you have everything you could ask for and more

Bounty Beach Cebu City
Definitely enjoying his swim!

The following post is a guest post by Mary Alusin. She is a passionate writer who loves writing anything under the sun. Recently, she has been to many places in Cebu together with her sister, daughter, and her soon-to-be-husband. When she’s not writing, she uses her me-time to watch her Korean dramas online.

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