Boracay Tour 2014

Boracay known for having fine white sand is located in the Visayas region of the Philippines. To go to Boracay, there are daily flights from Manila and Cebu to Kalibo or Caticlan. As a budget traveler, I usually take the Kalibo flight from Manila, which takes around 45 min airtime.

From Kalibo International, there are several land transfer services in the arrival area. I opted to go for Island Star who charged us for 300 pesos Door-to-Door land transfer from Kalibo to La Carmela de Boracay (our chosen resort at the island) but does not include the 100 pesos Environmental fee in the port and 75 pesos Terminal fee. The land transfer usually takes 1.5-2 hours depending on the traffic, this already includes the land transfer and boat ride till Boracay.

Unlike other Philippine destinations, there is no city tour in Boracay but there are several activities that you can enjoy. Activity prices usually differ depending on the weather and season. During our stay the ff are the activity prices.

Helmet Diving – Php400
Banana Boat – Php200
Buggy – Php350
Fly Fish – Php400
Island Hopping – 1Php300 good for 5 persons 4 hours
Parasail – Php1500 per person

You can also opt to visit Puka Beach via a tricycle which is around 40-50 pesos each person. Puka Beach is around 20 – 30 min ride from the main island of Boracay. There are less people at Puka Beach. Romblon is also in sight when in Puka Beach.

There are a lot of bars and restaurants along the 3 stations of Boracay but there is one Coffee shop who offers something unique, this is the home of the Calamansi Muffin, Real Coffee. Real Coffee is near Sea World, Station 2. You need to reserve at least a day if you would want to buy their famous Muffin.

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