Cagayan De Oro and Camiguin Island Itinerary

Cagayan de Oro (CDO) is located in northern part of Mindanao in Misamis Oriental. There are various ways to reach CDO the easiest way is taking the plane from Manila, which is 1 hour and 25 min. Long or from Mactan, Cebu via CebuPacific, Philippine Airlines, and or Air Asia- Zest. You will be arriving at Lagundingan Airport, which is an hour land travel to the main central business district of CDO depending on weather and traffic conditions.

The first question that pops in your mind is how to get to the main city. Since we were in a budget travel, we opted to take the van going to Centrio Mall. There are various companies who offer land transfers from Lagundingan airport, but we opted for Magnum Express we paid Php 199.00 ea who had new coasters. From Centrio, we took the cab to Miami Inn (around Php 80.00) or take the R1 jeepney’s in front of Gaisano Mall (Php 7.00 each).

Miami Inn’s location is very accessible if you plan to go to the market or to the mall. We paid Php 900.00 for 1 night stay inclusive of breakfast for 2 persons. The room was okay, a typical standard room which had 2 single beds, a television set, air-con and hot and cold shower. The staff were quite okay except for one who seemed to be so annoyed with tourist. We were asking some directions and all he said was no way to get there unless by Taxi only to find out there is a way by jeepney or tricycles. For Php 900.00, the room was okay given a good location.

Our first planned activity was White water rafting (Php 700/person for beginners or Php 900/person for advance). Great White, our tour guide, picked us up from Miami Inn at around 12:45. When we arrived at their office, they had a large bag where you could put your items that you want to leave behind, the bag will be sealed with a masking tape and you will be required to sign on it for security purposes. After paying and dropping off our stuff, we were ready to go to Cagayan river to start our adventure. Before we started they gave us some briefing on how and what to do once we commence our adventure, after the briefing we were also given a trial period before we actually begun the first rapid. We took the beginner activity had 14 rapids in total that would last for 2-3 hours. There are also identified places in the river where we could swim. You won’t be bored in the actual duration of the course since the place is wonderful plus your guides do have a sense of humor. At the end, we were again picked up by their van and went back to their office. You will have the option to take a shower there, but we opted to shower at the hotel. They will also bring you back to the hotel after the activities.

CDO White Water Rafting Briefing

CDO White Water Rafting

CDO to Camiguin

The second day, we were off to Camiguin. We were informed that there are 2 ways to reach Camiguin when you are in CDO, the fast craft via Ocean jet or by land and boat via Balingoan Port however due to some reasons the fast craft trips had already been cancelled when we arrived at Macabalan Pier, so from Macabalan pier we took the tricycle to Agora Market (Php 30.00 / person) and looked for the Starex Van with signs going to Balingoan Terminal. Tourist should be careful when asking things from the dispatcher since they tend to trick you just like what they did to us. We were first offered a private van for Php 1400 but then we refused to since it was too expensive for 2 persons, so we walked towards another van who will wait for other passengers going to Balingoan Terminal. We only had to pay Php 100 per person. Unfortunately, the dispatcher who took your payments did not return our change (we paid 500 and since we were the first passengers they still didn’t have change) since he knew we were tourists. It took us around 2 hours to reach Balingoan Terminal and from there boats were already ready to leave for Camiguin.

The fare is Php 170.00 per person plus Php 5.00 terminal fee the total sea transfer from Balingoan terminal to Benoni (Camiguin) is an hour 15 minutes. Once you reach Benoni there are various multi-cabs, habal-habal and van’s for rent that you could opt to get to be able to tour Camiguin. We were fortunate enough that a family offered us to join them in their tour to save cost. We only had to pay Php 500.00 each for the 2 day tour in Camiguin which includes entrance fee, boat ride to the white island and transfer’s from the hotel and Benoni pier. Habal-habal’s are also available for rent around Php 500 pesos for 24 hours exclusive of gas, the boat to the white island is Php 420.00. Our tour guide’s number is 0921 459 9332 if you are interested in getting him as your tour guide. Unfortunately, I forgot to ask his name since I was not the one who contacted him in the first place. We used his multi-cab to tour the island.

Camiguin Island as seen on White Island

We stayed in Camiguin Highland Resort, where a standard room costs Php 2500 per night with breakfast good for 2 persons. The room was Big enough to accommodate 4-5 persons. The food was also good enough plus the view was majestic seeing the mountains, sea and clouds in one view. The only sad thing about Camiguin Highland is that it is very far from the center which will make transfers more expensive though staffs are very kind and accommodating.

In Camiguin, we were able to visit
1. Katibawasan Falls
2. Walkway to the Old Volcano
3. Sunken Cemetery
4. Old Church Ruins
5. Sto Nino Cold Spring
6. Hibok-Hibok Ardent Hot Spring
7. White Island.

We were back in CDO around 3:30 in the afternoon. We dropped our bags at the hotel and went to a nearby Market to buy some fruits. During our stay a kilo of Mangosteen is Php 80.00, Avocado’s were Php 35/kilo and a Normal size Pomelo is Php 35.00.

On our last day we were ready to go home and since Miami Inn is very near Centrio Mall we opted to go for LAX transfers which fetch passengers from Centrio Mall. They have various departure times and caters to almost all flight schedules. We were set to leave CDO at 9:05AM so we took the 6:30AM trip, and yes, it did depart at exactly 6:30 so we were in Lagundingan Airport at around 7:40. We still paid Php 199 a person. A reservation must be done through text if you opt for LAX transfers, you can just text them at 0917 710 1529. Something good about Lax is that they will issue you a ticket. That serves as a discount card (less Php 40.00). So instead of paying Php 199.00 you only have to pay Php 150.00

Overall, we enjoyed the whole trip despite waking up very early in the morning every day and sleeping late as well. CDO was a clean city despite being very urban. Some people are friendly some are not, this I think is normal in any part of the world you travel. I hope this write-up help you plan your upcoming trip to CDO and enjoy as much as we did. I would be happy to help you with your queries, just leave us a message and I will try to help you as much as I can. Enjoy!

Below is the itinerary I initially created for the trip

March 13-16 Cagayan de Oro Itinerary

Day 1: March 13
8:20 AM Arrival in CDO
8:20-8:45 Claim Luggage and look for Cab
8:45 – 9:45 Travel to City proper
9:45 – 12:30 Check Inn | Free Time | Lunch
12:30 Pick up for White Water Rafting in Miami Inn
1:00-4:00 White Water Rafting (Charina Great White 09177183531)

Day 2: March 14
6:30 Early Breakfast
8:30-10:30 Travel to Camiguin
10:30-11:00 Travel to Camiguin Highland resort Contact 09178270200
11:00-12:30 Check in | Lunch
12:30 – 9:00
1. Katibawasan Falls
2. Walkway to the Old Volcano
3. Sunken Cementery
4. Old Church Ruins
5. Sto Nino Cold Spring
6. Hibok-hibok Adren Hot Spring

Day 3: March 14
AM – White Island
PM – Travel back to CDO
Free Time

Day 4: March 15
AM Travel back to MNL

The total cost of my trip to CDO was Php 8200 per person and it is already inclusive of my plane ticket, terminal fee’s, land and boat transfers, food for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Pasalubong, Hotel, tour and other activities.

Feel free to ask us another sample itinerary. We are happy to help you.

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