Hong Kong-Macau Tour


Hong Kong is a 2-hour plane ride from Manila. It is in Hong Kong where we could find the nearest happiest place on earth from the Philippines, Disney Land. Hong Kong being a Chinese country offers it’s tourist their rich culture.

Weather in Hong Kong during October is great since it is not too cold not hot. Business establishments also open late (around 10 or 11 am) unlike here in the Philippines that we usually start our day by 8am. Streets before 10am are empty except for the persons keeping their country clean.

Macau on the other hand is famous for it’s five star hotels similar to Las Vegas in the United States. It is also in Macau where you can find their delicious Portugese Egg Tart and the Church/ Ruins of Saint Paul.

You can reach Macau via Ferry from Hong Kong or a direct flight from Manila.

Hotel: Australian Guest House

If you are in a tight budget and would want a hotel along Nathan road, Australian Guest House would be great. The Guest house is just near the MTR Tsim Tsa Tui station, walking distance from the Avenue of Stars and Macau port.

From the airport there are 3 ways to get to the hotel but I suggest to take the Bus since it is the cheapest and most convenient way for budget travelers.

Actual and Proposed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival
Go to the hotel, have lunch.

Afternoon – Hong Kong Ocean Park which costs Php 1, 600
Bus fare and MRT ranges 3-5 HKD

Day 2: Macau

Approximately Php 900 for a ferry (one way)
Bus is 5HKD
Night time: Explore the city

  • Avenue of stars (Walking distance from the port)
  • Night Market (via MTR 2 HKD)

Day 3:

My Hong kong adventure was too short that we were not able to visit Disneyland and the other tourist destinations. I will have this updated once I return to Hong Kong.

Avenue of Stars, Hong Kong



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