Iloilo-Bacolod Philippines Tour


Iloilo is located at the Visayas region of the Philippines and is known for their Unesco world heritage churches and La Paz Batchoy. Guimaras is also in Iloilo where you could buy sweet Mangoes and after swim in their white beaches.

Bacolod is the city of smiles and the home of the Mascara festival during October. Bacolod is part of Negros Occidental and is known for their sugar plantations. They just don’t offer a wide variety of sweets in the city but also Chicken inasal.

Hotel: Iloilo- Iloilo City Inn

Bacolod – Circle Inn (

Tourists who visit Iloilo and Bacolod must be able to try the city’s delicacy Lapaz Batchoy and Chicken Inato (Inasal). Both cities are also full of historic churches where one is even declared as UNESCO world heritage same as with Paoay Church in Laoag.

Food really tastes good and is very cheap in this places. Bongbong’s delicaies are great for pasalubong and personal consumption.

Guimaras on the other hand offers white sand beach and year round sweet mangoes. Mangoes from Guimaras really tastes different from the Mangoes that we used to eat.

From Iloilo City it is only a 45min travel via a Supercat from iloilo to Bacolod

Best months to visit the place: February and April

Day 1:
Arrival from Manila
Tour of iloilo

Day 2: AM – Guimaras
PM – Ferry to Bacolod

Day 3: Tour of Bacolod

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