Ace Water Spa in Pasig City Review

I never thought Ace Sater Spa could be an amazing experience. I thought there’s nothing special about this place, but my girlfriend still wants me to try it. Besides, there’s a free voucher so heck yeah!

We went there on the weekend and it was a relaxing experience. I think it is one of the best places in the metro to unwind to.

About The Company

Their service is adopted way back from the 16th century in England called “Medical Bathing” which is now known as hydrotherapy. This hydrotherapy massage uses “Ultra Sonic Jet System” to relax and soothe tired and aching muscles and treat body illnesses.

There are two establishments, however, I will only be reviewing the one in Pasig. It is located at United St., cor. Brixton St. near Pioneer, Pasig City.

Ace Water Spa Website
Open during holidays!
Sundays To Thursdays – 6AM To 10PM
Fridays To Saturdays – 6AM To 11PM
Entrance Fees: (Valid For 4 Hours)

Trunkline: (632) 451-1111 / 582-5754
Customer Hotline: (632) 330-7776 / 404-9995

Here’s My Review


Going to Ace Water Spa is easy. They are located near EDSA. They have registered their local business in google map so you can find them easily in Google Maps. When you are commuting, you can ride the MRT and get off at Boni Station and grab a taxi.

I’ll give them an easy 4/5


I can stay there forever!

They have multiple jet systems, each with a different purpose, that targets different parts of your body. Including the bottom of your feet? Yes. I’ve tried and enjoyed everything in the massage area. But wait, there’s more! They also have 3 herbal (Mint, Jasmine, and Lavender) pools you can choose from. After that, you can soak for 5 seconds in the cold pool (a really cold one). When you get out of the cold pool, you’ll experience something like a refreshing sensation. They also have steam and sauna rooms and a lap pool. You are only allowed 4 hours inside, but that’s enough to enjoy all facilities. If you’re thirsty, they have water available inside. If you want to relieve yourself, no problem. They have clean comfort rooms.

Their hydrotherapy massage, hot herbal & lap pools, steam & sauna rooms are wonderful. They also have a team on a constant lookout and they are friendly too.

With my experience, I give them a 5/5


You are secured!

They have a guard at the entrance and people with tickets are only allowed in the water spa. They strictly implement their rules. For example, you may only use trunks or tight clothes without underwear. See their FAQ’s here.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, their staff is on a constant lookout to avoid any danger.

I’ll give them a 4/5


Service exceeds the value!

Their normal rate is Php 550.00 per person. However, your experience will be truly in a great comfort. Therefore I am giving them a 4/5


They are very hygienic from the lobby to the locker room, restroom and to the spa area. They are very good in their cleanliness.

I’ll give them a 5/5


Ace Water Spa has excellent service, nice location, and a very clean environment. I’ll be going back there for sure.

Ace Water Spa – Pasig City
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Excellent service, nice location, and a very clean environment! First to offer hydrotherapy massage in the nation.

Rating: 4.4

After that session, be sure to check some great restaurants nearby. There are a lot! But that’s another story. Check my Kapitolyo food trips.

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