Dinner Buffet Cruise – Prestige Cruise Review

My Girlfriend and I love each others company. We love travelling together, going out, and one day, my GF found a 50% discount for a dinner buffet cruise at MetroDeal. She purchased two, and we then set a date for our dinner cruise.

We arrived early so we can reserve seats at the top deck, but with an additional cost of Php 100.00.

We were very excited to have our dinner cruise and really expecting something really good, but…


Before we embarked, we expected a lively ambience, but the place looked dull. The ground is painted in black, tables and chairs are covered with black cloth, the structure of the cruise is just painted with dirty white and no decorations at all. I said, “okay, maybe the top deck is not as bad as the first two decks”, but, there’s no surprise.

There’s a live band, but they could have hired a more professional singer. I am not saying they should hire Regine V or Lani M, I am just saying that they could have hired a singer who is more confident of herself.


Prestige Cruises serves a Filipino food. That night they served the following:
Pancit Malabon
Fish Fillet
Beef Kare-Kare
Lumpiang Shanghai (Spring Rolls)
Lumpiang Sariwa (Fresh Spring Rolls)
Chicken Ala King

We were expecting a little more, and a better food, but the food was bad. I think their staff members are only on OJT’s. Also, there’s another payment for the drinks. Yes, drinks are not included.


Well, I think their services went well. However, a little over staffed.


Security is also okay. I believe I saw two men in military uniforms. Bags are being checked, but not thoroughly.


Not so bad because I still enjoyed the view from the top deck and enjoyed the cool wind. I’ll give Prestige Cruises’ Dinner Buffet a 2 out of 5.

For the both of us

Either good or bad experiences, we still cherish them. Sometimes we have a good laugh about them. “That’s life” as they say it, it’s not perfect, but it’s enough to contribute to our memories that will last a lifetime. I hope someday we will tell these experiences to our kids or grandkids. It’s better to share something than none at all.

Bring a jacket because of the cool breeze.
Bring your own water because they don’t have a house water.
Sit on the top deck to avoid the foul smell of the sea.
Arrive early for the top deck seat reservation.

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