My First 10K Fun Run Experience With National Geographic Philippines

I have great interest in outdoor activities or other activities with physical involvement, but not for endurance running until now.

One of my housemates informed me about this run-for-a-cause organized by National Geographic Philippines that was held on April 27, 2014. It was Natgeo’s fifth event and the registration started early.

I was excited to join because it’s National Geographic, it’s for a cause, and they have a nice singlet. I went to their site ( and checked the details of the event. Some categories were already closed due to the large number of participants. This has prompted my immediate registration. I planned my first run a five-kilometer, but since there is a month to train, I registered for a ten-kilometer run.

Training Day
We live in a good location in the Metro very near to Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, where there is an open park for wellness activities. Three of my housemates also registered for 10K and together we trained there.

I have set a goal and trained every Tuesday. I wanted to train for the run without neglecting my strength training so I only allotted once per week. Each training day I tried beating my previous time, visualized what might happen on the run, and what will be my strategy.

We got more excited as the event drew near.

Nat Geo Run 2014
The gun time for 10K-category is 4:00 AM. We managed to sleep the night before the event even though we were anxious.

Between 2:00 – 2:30 AM, my housemates and I were awake. The earliest prepared coffee.

Oh, the event took place at Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, so we didn’t worry about waking up too early and commuting.

As we got close, runners from 21K category had already started and it gave us a rush. We suddenly felt the heat. Our body is like telling us, “This is it! It’s showtime!” Our run has not yet started and we are already in a sweat. We were pumped, I liked it. We arrived and were greeted with exuberant crowds. Everybody was doing their stuff like stretching, jumping, and taking energy drinks & food. We too, did a little bit of stretching and warming up.

It was almost gun time, so we joined the others in the starting line. As a courtesy to the professional runners, we fell in-line at the back.

Before NatGeoRun 2014 run
From left: Jerold, Max, Me, and Vinz

The run begun. Professional runners instantly accelerated and they showed a great distance for the first few minutes. Well, that’s why they are pro’s. As for me, I am feeling it, I am enjoying every stride. I past the 5K mark. There goes 7K mark and I am still going. Our training has paid off! When I saw the 9K mark, I anted up my pace, but a kilometer is not a short distance so I got exhausted quick (lol). I slowed down and when the finish line is at reach, I sprinted. I was looking at the time for 10K, but it was at 00:00:00. I found out later that there is no timing for 3K, 5K, and 10K.

I looked at my watch and it’s 4:57. I was not sure if I finished it within 57 minutes because my watch was not synchronized with the official race clock. That sucked! I guess I’ll be running anytime soon to properly time my run.

It felt good finishing the run. I guess it’s because of the chemicals produced in our brain after the workout or maybe the beautiful sunrise or being proud of own achievement or happy seeing the other runners happiness of their achievements, I am not sure, It just feels good at the end.

After NatGeo 2014 run

Here’s a picture of us enjoying a pizza after the fun run.

After NatGeo 2014 run

Thank you to the organizers and volunteers of the National Geographic Philippines! Until next time.

Photo credit:
Vicente Angcaway
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