Where to Get Free Pallets in the Philippines?

Pallet garden, pallet furniture, DIY tables from pallets? No matter what your wooden pallet project is, there are places where you can get free pallets in the Philippines to materialize your pallet idea (DIY pallet ideas).

Acquiring a free pallet is actually easy and thereโ€™s no need to buy a new or used pallet.

I am starting this “home grown plants” and I stumbled upon this wall garden project using wooden pallets. I looked around and found myself a pallet for free. During my search, I was able to record where I got mine and places where to get them.

Free Wooden Pallet

Here are three best places where to look:

  • Warehouse
  • Construction Site
  • Small Grocery Store / Bodega

A pallet is a stable way to move goods using a forklift, crane, and other jacking devices. Places like, warehouses, construction site, and “Bodega” obviously are perfect locations in scouting for pallets.

Look for a place where goods come in and out regularly. I got mine in a warehouse. I simply asked a security guard and he gave it for free.

Do you find this helpful? Good luck on your wooden pallet project!

image source: http://img.weburbanist.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/Pallet-Montage.jpg

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