Gym Advices We All Can Agree On

At the gym, people will share stories and advices about wellness. Lots of advice. People will share it to you or sometimes you overhear them. There are ridiculous advices, but there are really good ones. The ones that you stick to and pass it onto someone else.

Here’s a list of advices that I think we all can agree on.

1. Lift with Proper Form Not With Ego

Sometimes or most of the time, we lift with our ego. Sacrificing our form, looking stupid, just to show that we stacked a heavy plate that we can’t even lift properly. Lifting with improper form causes injuries and will not get you that good physique. Don’t be ashamed if you are lifting a light weight. As long as you are doing the right form, you’ll be hitting that muscle. You’ll be increasing the weights eventually.

2. Rest

Our brain never sleeps, then why do we need sleep? Scientists are actually baffled by this. Many believe that this is our way to recuperate from the day’s activities, especially when you are working out. Well, try to exercise when you did not get enough rest.

3. Don’t Skip On Meals

Skipping meals is a big No! Even if you’re losing weight. Ask your nutritionist or dietitian about this. Nutritious food is essential in fitness training. This is an advice we can agree on, no need to list tons of reliable articles.

4. What Works For Someone Might Not Work For You

Okay, you’re almost a year in the gym, reading lots of health and fitness magazines, browsing health articles in the internet, but you don’t notice any changes (muscle gains or weight loss) in you.

The problem is, we rely too much on these magazines and internet articles. We have different types of genes. Some already have good aesthetics with less effort, and there’s us who struggle. Find a way that works for your body.

5. Stay Motivated

Motivation is really a requirement for success. In fact, motivation, is a requirement for success in any area of life. We get to our knees as we move forward, but that’s what motivation is, help us get up move forward. To be motivated, just remember to know what you want and why you want it.

6. Focus

We now know what and why do we want to get fit. Get in the gym, ignore texts, calls, forget anything that bothers you. You are not there to answer text messages and calls. You are not there to surf the internet. You are not there to chat about your life story with someone. Just focus! Even if you meet your love of your life, ask her out after you are finished working out.

Do you have any advice? Please comment below.

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