Gym Etiquette

I have been in the gym for quite some time now. I noticed some impoliteness of gym goers.

There’s no punishment if you disobey. It just doesn’t feel right.

My top 10 Gym Etiquette:

1. Return the plates and dumbbells
This is on top of my list. Most of you will agree, especially gym owners who follow strict rest periods. It’s a waste of time trying to look for missing in action (MIA) dumbbells and/or plates. What I always do is, I lift close to the rack or stack so I can return them easily. Break the stereotype. Not every big man is a douche. So restack the plates.

2. Clean after yourself
Wipe your sweat in the bench after you’re done. A bench never goes empty in the gym so as a courtesy to the other gym goers, clean after yourself.

I believe every gym has a clean rag for bench-wiping purposes or you could just bring your own.

3. Don’t coach
Just don’t! Unless you are a gym instructor or if you’re being asked to do so.

4. Don’t bench hog
You’re at a gym, not in Starbucks. People are there to lift. People might want to use the bench you’re sitting on but are just shy or are holding back to ask.

5. Don’t lose the shirt (men)
For me, there’s nothing wrong in taking off your shirt, but others might find it uncomfortable to see someone topless.

6. Don’t shout
We do this to pump ourselves in lifting heavy weights but I think it should not be that loud, most especially if it’s coupled with obscene language.

7. Don’t engage in a conversation with the person who is lifting
It is hard to concentrate on lifting while conversing. This might even cause an accident.

8. Don’t hit on girls
Some, or even many of you may disagree, but the ladies are there to work out, not to be hit on.

9. Don’t stare
Especially at women. Don’t be the pervert the woman thinks you are.

10. Ask, Ask, Ask
If you are looking for a desired plate or dumbbell and have finally sighted them, ask the person nearest. He/She might still be using them. Even if some guy or gal isn’t aware of the number 1 rule on this list and just left the equipment lying around, still, ask the person nearest the equipment just to be sure.

If a bench is empty, ask.

10. Login & Logout
This is a policy of every gym. I am not sure what it’s for, but it’s probably intended for business analysis.

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