Protein Powder Drink or No Protein Powder Drink?

Scientists have studied the advantages and benefits of commercial protein powder drinks. A lot of bodybuilders use this and athletes as well. But is protein powder necessary?

Protein Powder Mix is Known for:

Quick Mass Gain

Before I started my strength training, I was underweight. I’ve used protein powder to gain weight. Because of added calories, protein and other nutrients, it was a quick 5-pound gain.

Muscle Gain

Because of high protein intake, you will really gain muscle. But also with the help of proper workout.

Muscle Recovery

Protein drinks are also for muscle recovery after that rigorous training.

Extra Nutrients

Most commercial drinks have extra nutrients essential for lowering cholesterol, weight loss, and muscle gain.

I love protein powder drinks. I have nothing against it. But this article shows that you can get your desired body without it.

Protein Powder Mix Replacement:

High Protein Meals

High Protein Meal

Having a high protein meal will get you the same result like lean muscle, weight loss and muscle gain.

Bruce Lee’s body is ripped. He didn’t use any commercial protein drinks he rather created his own drink.

Hard Work

Depending on your workout, hard work pays off. Just keep motivated and you are good.


How else can you get good results if you can’t help yourself. Drop the soda and chips. Eat whole foods.

For Muscle Recovery

For some, muscle soreness can hold you back. To minimize this, foods whose rich in carbohydrates must be consumed within 30 minutes of the conclusion of the activity. To avoid muscle cramps, eat foods with potassium–Banana for example.

Remember: Commercial protein drinks are not bad. They are just expensive. It is still your choice.

What do you think? To drink or not to drink?

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